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Get Single-Trip Insurance so You Can Really Relax

If you're taking a vacation, you've probably spent a lot of valuable time and money to get it planned. What happens to your investment if your trip is unexpectedly canceled or interrupted due to an injury, illness or other personal emergency?

Select the benefit plan that's best for you and relax knowing you're covered by Nationwide.

Plan benefits include:

  • Trip cancellation - Protects your non-refundable leisure trip, including penalties, fees and other costs you may incur if you have to cancel.
  • Trip interruption - Protects insured trip costs, including penalties, fees and other costs you may incur during your trip.
  • Trip delay - Coverage for unexpected additional expenses such as meals, lodging or local transportation if your trip is delayed by more than six hours for a covered reason.
  • Emergency medical - Coverage for emergency medical expenses you have during your trip due to accidental injury or illness.
  • Emergency medical evacuation - Coverage for necessary emergency medical evacuation due to an accidental injury or sickness during a trip.
  • Baggage / Personal Effects - coverage for lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal items.
  • Travel assistance services - Coverage for medical or legal referral services, passport visa information, prescription drug/eyeglass replacement services and additional services during your trip.

Single-trip Insurance FAQ

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