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Cruise travel insurance from Nationwide provides coverage for issues unique to cruises, including port of call itinerary changes made by the cruise line before departure, ship-based mechanical breakdowns, delays in arriving to or departing from ports of call, and covered shipboard service disruptions. Coverage is available for three types of cruising options:

Plan benefits may reimburse or provide a onetime payment for such covered events as:

  • Missing boarding because of flight weather delays.
  • Mechanical breakdown or service disruption that interrupts a portion of your itinerary (missed ports of call, excursions, etc.).
  • Ship-borne illness that affects 30% or more of the passengers.
  • A medical issue that requires you or a family member to be treated at port. Benefits include arrangement for treatment and helping get you or your family back to the ship or home.
  • Lost or stolen baggage that requires emergency replacement of personal effects, including clothes, toiletries and sporting equipment.

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