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Cruise vacations are special – whether it’s visiting new ports of call, lounging on a sun-splashed deck or sampling exotic cuisines. But what if something goes wrong?

Nationwide offers affordable and flexible cruise insurance plans that help keep you traveling smart. Get coverage for issues unique to cruises, such as:

Port Of Call Changes (Itinerary Change)

Provides a one-time benefit of up to $1250 per person for the inconvenience of an itinerary change by the cruise line prior to departure, as long as you go on the cruise.

Shipboard Service Disruptions (Itinerary Change Inconvenience Benefit)

A one-time benefit of up to $250 per person if the cruise line suffers a mechanical breakdown, fire, virus outbreak or other covered service disruption during your cruise causing the cruise to change.

Pre-Paid Excursion Reimbursement (Itinerary Change Pre-Paid Excursion Benefit)

A one-time benefit of up to $1000 per person for itinerary changes after the cruise departs causing you to cancel pre-paid non-refundable excursions.

Return Home Early (Interruption for Any Reason – Return Transport Benefit)

Reimburses transportation costs up to $1000 per person to return home if you elect to abandon your cruise and return home early.

Review the details for each type of coverage in the “Additional Notes” section of the quote page

Benefit limits vary by plan and certain restrictions may apply; check your specific plan for coverage details. All benefits are not available in all states.

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